Built for sales growth

Publish campaigns in real time and analyze outcomes to see your sales grow continuously and sustainably.

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Sustainable growth. Said, done.

Measurable effects so far:


Fruits & Vegetables




Baked Goods

Support for your entire team -
be it the back office or the sales force

Fast promotions

Send campaigns to your customers directly. They are directed to the products on sale to order in one go.

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Browsing time and access to your entire assortment

The entire range of products is often unknown to your customer. The app sorts products by category and invites your customer to have a look around.

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Place and adjust campaigns in real time

Campaigns can be published for different user groups, visible in web and app. No order is placed without passing by.

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Boost your sales figures with Orderlion

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    Win-win for you and your customers

    Digital ordering simplifies everyday life for you and your clients. This enhanced efficiency saves time for fundamental relationship building

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    Digitization of the industry

    It is a matter of time until digital ordering becomes a prerequisite in the B2B space. Choosing the right partner on time, who supports your brand on a digital scale gives you a significant headstart

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    Support of SMEs

    Orderlion is a shop system that facilitates efficient order processing for any company. Market variety and regional networks shall remain part of today`s ecosystem.

Support your sales force

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