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Orderlion was founded in 2018 by Stefan Strohmer and Patrick Schubert to make the global food supply chain more sustainable.

With its B2B software solution, the Vienna-based startup supports suppliers and wholesalers in digitizing key business processes in order to be more efficiently connected with the various participants along the supply chain. Orderlion's users include beverage wholesalers, fruit and vegetable wholesalers and many more suppliers of fresh goods.

The internationally active company provides its customers with an e-commerce operating system (e-commerce OS) that enables them to work even more closely and effectively with their respective customers (e.g. restaurateurs, hotels, supermarkets) through their own web shop and ordering app. This includes, among other things, the digital and fully automated processing of orders.

Orderlion is active in 4 countries and processes orders worth over 60 million euros per year via its software platform.

All-in-one shop system

Food suppliers and wholesalers receive hundreds to thousands of orders from B2B customers every day. To meet the large demand for goods, many industry-leading companies such as Stiegl, Sonnentor or NÖM have started to work with Orderlion's e-commerce OS.

With Orderlion, suppliers can provide their own customers with a modern ordering option via their own webshop and an app around the clock. Thanks to an integrated solution for sales and marketing automation, suppliers can offer their customers precisely those products that are currently in demand and display relevant offers to specific target groups.

Additionally, service options like a live chat also make it possible for suppliers to help customers with problems in real time.

A company with a global mission

The Orderlion team is convinced that the global food chain needs to be made more sustainable and efficient in order to mitigate the effects of climate change and strengthen regional businesses. However, this is only possible if all stakeholders involved in the food supply chain are engaged and their level of effectiveness is increased.

For this reason, Orderlion develops and offers a scalable solution tailored to the specific needs of SMEs in order to optimize the existing food supply chain through digitalization and promote regionality.

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Orderlion raises $4 million in fresh funding

Orderlion announces the successful closing of $4 million in pre- Series A funding, including a mix of equity and debt financing, bringing the total amount of investments raised to $7.5 million since the company's inception.

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