Let’s shape the future of
hospitality procurement

We are on a mission to enable food & beverage suppliers to work more efficiently and successfully with their restaurant customers. In this industry, ordering daily supplies is still largely paper based and we are here to change that. We aim to push this industry fast forward to the future by creating a seamless solution to foster customer relationships on a digital level and improve the whole order taking process from the ground up.

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Let us introduce ourselves

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    Who we are

    We are a diverse team with different professional backgrounds working as a remote-first company from many different places while at the same time having two home bases in Vienna (Austria) and Berlin (Germany) to sometimes meet and share experiences together. Most of us worked in various startups before or have a consulting background. What unites us is the shared ambition of changing how procurement works in the future and to help make peoples work lifes better.

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    What we do

    With Orderlion, we help hundreds of gastronomy suppliers and thousands of restaurants to better work together with a focus on an efficient but fun procurement process. We help suppliers provide the best digital ordering experience to their customers while decreasing their process costs through a high level of automation and increasing their revenues through industry-leading Google Ads-like promotional campaign possibilities.

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    Who will fit

    • are passionate about awesome digital products and are a builder and tinkerer at heart • are highly energetic, collaborative, and want to continuously learn and improve yourself professionally and personally • have high expectations and ambitions for yourself and the people around you

Our Mission

We deeply believe in a positive, collaborative, win-win approach when companies are working together. Digitalization helps companies to connect with each other more easily and this can be used to help all people involved in this process to make their daily jobs more impactful, more meaningful and more fun.

We have made it our mission to create an industry standard for the digitization of the customer relationship between suppliers and restaurateurs. That's why we built Orderlion, the first store system optimized for the restaurant industry - to foster strong customer relationships on a digital level and improve processes around ordering for suppliers and restaurateurs alike.

Let’s grow together

Join a fast growing B2B SaaS startup for the gastronomy industry based in Europe to help thousands of companies become more successful.


Monthly orders

€ 68 M.

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Our core values

We deeply believe in personal and professional development. We see working at Orderlion as a place to collaborate, put ideas into pracice and continously seek new learning opportunities. That’s why we always strive to achieve drive:


To strive for a higher purpose or at the very least an understanding of the common purpose, we like to focus on the impact our work has. It is the desire to do something for the satisfaction of accomplishment it.


The best work gets done when people can utilize their inner energy. That’s why we don’t care when, where and how you get your work done. Additionally, we like ownership and responsibility. You will be able to point to specific, high-impact things that did not exist until you created them.


One of the best ways to get better at something is make use of deliberate practice. We help you to put your experience into practice, push you to new levels and learn new skills. We are also extremely transparent internally with feedback.

Whats working like at Orderlion?

  • Welcome home. I mean, at the office

    We provide you with state-of-the-art technology and anything you need to outfit your desk, at the office or at home. If you come in, our offices provide everything to feel comfy: a fridge full of various beers and liquors, comfy lounge area to rest, table tennis, gaming console and modern areas for every mood.

  • Working Hours & Vacation

    Early bird or night owl? Its up to you when, where and how you work on your projects. We also want you to flexibly take 25 days (5 weeks) off per year to unplug, recharge, explore, and unwind.

  • Learning & Training

    Never stop learning! From attending conferences, online courses, and master classes, you choose how you want to level-up your skills and hone your personal development. Our team comes from many different backgrounds, and we love pushing each other.

  • Fitness Studio

    Enjoy a good workout or a quick run to get your juices flowing? We have our own private gym free of charge.

  • Deep Work

    We work in impact-driven singular-focused projects to get into a flow of deep work. We avoid multitasking and don’t expect people to have their notifications turned on. You focus on your project and read your messages later.

  • Transparent Leadership

    Regular 1o1s are part of our routine and so is our direct feedback culture. We want to push each other and help each other grow. Goals we set are SMART and shared with the whole team.

Open positions

We’re growing fast. Become a part of the team and help us on our journey to change the gastronomy landscape forever.

Our office in Austria:

Margaretenstraße 70/2/9

1050 Vienna


Our office in Germany:

Regattastraße 147

12527 Berlin