Striving for a strong digital future for the Food & Beverage industry

Who we are and what makes us thrive

Strong customer relationships are more important than ever. Though advancing digitization in the B2B sector of F&B is at the forefront, the balancing of automation and personal support is a big challenge industry players face.

It was our mission to create a high standard for the digitization of the customer relationship between suppliers and restaurateurs. This is why we built Orderlion, the first store system optimized for the F&B and Horeca sector. Through Orderlion, we foster strong customer relationships on a digital level and improve ordering processes for suppliers and their customers alike.

Our story

Our two managing directors, CEO Stefan Strohmer and CTO Patrick Schubert, have known each other since their youth. Early on, they supported wholesale companies in digitization projects, yet they were quickly confronted with overwork in the hospitality industry. Within two years, the simple idea of reducing the high workload in ordering through a digital order solution became a sought-after SaaS solution. Today, Orderlion is used by more than 150 partner suppliers in 4 countries and offers daily support for over 2500 satisfied F&B outlets.

+150 suppliers

4 countries

30+ cities

10+ employees

Our philosophy

We connect

We strive to act as an unbiased partner and encourage the digital relationship between suppliers and F&B outlets without interfering. Therefore, we do not participate in price negotiations (or syndicates) and the like between supplier and customer.

Orderlion Team 2020

We support

We are aware that the digitization of corporate divisions may cause difficulties for the parties involved. That’s why we accompany our suppliers’ change management processes personally and thoroughly. We further assist in providing the best possible service to their customers.

Orderlion Team 2020

We integrate

Open price comparisons are not possible with Orderlion - we optimise processes and bring suppliers closer. Our goal is to facilitate sustainable and long-term customer relationships on a digital level. Hence, Orderlion is not a tool for new customer acquisition and suppliers do not enter a sphere of direct competition.

Orderlion Team 2020

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Our management team

The people behind Orderlion; get to know our management team

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Strohmer
CEO, Co-Founder

As the Managing Director of Orderlion, Stefan supports HoReCa companies in strategic development and digitalisation in the area of supply chain and process optimisation. Previously, he was jointly responsible for operational management in two agencies and supported groups such as REWE Group in topics such as user experience and sales strategy.

The overall economic benefit of a cooperative platform sustainably strengthens regional economic sectors.

Stefan Strohmer

Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Schubert
CTO, Co-Founder

As the Technical Lead of Orderlion, Patrick is responsible for programming and product development. Previously, he worked for consulting agencies, startups and as a freelancer responsible for the development of web applications. He has always worked alongside successful customers in support of the optimal customer experience.

Making everyday life easier for our users with something I’ve created myself is the greatest achievement.

Patrick Schubert