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Let your customer order, browse, ask questions and stay on top of the news all in one app.

Make your customer’s life easier

Reinvented ordering

Whether they are in the warehouse, in cold room, or on their way home, ordering has never been easier.

Easy handling

Fun to use, with a focus on fast order processing and clarity.

Valued by leading restaurateurs

With Orderlion we save time with orders and prevent errors. Our suppliers also benefit from this, they can easily manage product ranges and keep them up to date. Orderlion was the most important project of the recent past.

Dean & David, Stefan Schlossnagel, COO

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Daily support

Smart kitchen assistant

Tricks to make ordering even faster.

Order reminders

Your customers are reminded of orders based on their usual order habits.

An app tailored to you and your clients.

Ready for use in only three days.