The ordering app for baked goods wholesalers

Customers order by phone, email, fax and Whatsapp? Offer your customers a one-stop webshop with ordering app, linked to your ERP system.

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+150 suppliers trust Orderlion


Imagine 100 additional sales employees

Automated order processing ✓

Order 24/7. No matter where and when, all orders are directly inserted in your ERP system. Typing was yesterday!

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Increased revenue ✓

Promotion of new products, sales and product recommendations. Campaign-based reports support your decision making.

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Boosted customer loyalty ✓

Order templates, reminders or fast troubleshooting via chat. Top service for every customer.

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Orderlion is the ideal ordering solution for a large number of your customers:

  • Catering delivery

  • Top gastronomy

  • Corporate customers

  • Bulk consumers

  • Canteens

  • Hotel industry

+150 suppliers trust Orderlion

Orderlion is an enormous relief and time-saver for the entire company.

Resch & Frisch, Georg Resch, CEO

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An app taylored to you and your clients.

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